20 New Creative Logos from Logopond Gallery!

Logo Designers always need inspiration to improve their designing skills. Designer should know how to make a professional business logo design, where all the design elements should be in a balance. Use of Common logo design symbols make a logo design boring and unattractive.

Below I have collected some inspiring logos from a famous logo design gallery named “Logo Pond”

10 Responses to “20 New Creative Logos from Logopond Gallery!”

  1. I can see some great logos here, thanks for sharing! Because of this, I shared your post. :)

  2. Very creative designs. I love the brainbox one. Thanks for the share!

  3. Amazingly creative yet stunningly simplistic as all good logos should be!

  4. The Inkdian is lovely. I have some logos built myself. When you have the time take a look at them and tell me what you think. I could use a professional opinion. Thank you!

  5. All the logos are in very great look. Very Grace to viw like this Continue to work like this

  6. Amazing logo designs !

  7. I love the “STONEFISH”… Its very amazing to view…. I love all the logos… U did a great job…

  8. Excellent creativity. Logos are great and cool designed.

  9. Loving the logos. The animal welfare logo is cute, real inspiration for my web designs. :)

  10. Love the new logo designs from Logopond. Really innovative. Thanks.

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