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Creative Logo Design by Jarek Kowalczyk!

In these weekly logo series I show you a collection of creative logo designs made by one designer / design company. I prefer the simplicity in logos, so that is what I’ll share the most. In today’s logo series I have a great collection with logos designed by Jarek Kowalczyk, a designer from Wroclaw, Poland. [...]

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Start your Successful Business with Creative Logo Designs

Logo is a corporate identityof any company and this is sign of any successful business, most of the company logos are well-known due to their color schemes and character designs, in this post we awarding some of professional logo designs where most of them will have hidden thoughts, some precise familiar resemblance to their products [...]

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30 New & Latest Logo Designs – Fresh Burst of Creativity!

With the start of every New Year, we seek resources and places to inspire ourselves with creative logo design ideas and techniques. However, inspiration should never be confused with logo plagiarism. There is a fine line between being inspired from others work and ripping it off. Logo designers must be careful of this distinction when [...]

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50 Meaningful and Creative Logo Design Showcase for Inspiration

Here we are showcasing a collection of 50 meaningful and creative design logos made by different artists. Each of the logos that you can find here are just simple representations of different brands, products or company, yet each of them is loaded with meaning both literal and figurative. Take a look at these sweetly gorgeous [...]

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30 Minimal Logos with Hidden Messages – Simply Stunning!

To me, it is always the simple things in life that matter the most. Be it the personal or work life, I like to keep things simple and sweet. Most people prefer things that are uncomplicated and expedient. Similarly, we can apply the same rule in corporate identity world. Amongst all the complex identities in [...]

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20 New Creative Logos from Logopond Gallery!

Logo Designers always need inspiration to improve their designing skills. Designer should know how to make a professional business logo design, where all the design elements should be in a balance. Use of Common logo design symbols make a logo design boring and unattractive. Below I have collected some inspiring logos from a famous logo [...]

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Creative Logo Designs From LogoHeroes.net Gallery!!

Logo Designers need to have inspiration to keep coming with new and fresh logo design ideas. Logo Design Galleries are one of the main source of getting inspiration for logo designers. Below I have collected some of the most creative logos from the logo design gallery of LogoHeroes.net

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Funny Doodle T-shirt Designs By Lim Heng Swee

Lim Heng Swee is a visual artist and Malaysian illustrator from kuala Lumpur. He believes through his funny illustrations can make a big smile on People’s face that’s because he  loves to make doodle. Some of its doodle are like logos which have 2 meaning which we see in hidden logo design, i really liked his [...]

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30+ Fresh Creative Logo Designs for your Inspiration!!

Hello Friends today I collect 30+ Fresh Creative Logo Designs for your Inspiration!!! These Designs are not so famous but designers made it with Lots of Creativity. They looks so attractive Logos, I hope you like my this logo design Collection and give me feedback with your comments!!! SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2

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Logo design 7

How Famous Logos Look After Financial Crisis

After the global economic crisis, most of the top companies faced lots of trouble. Their corporate image also faced massive dents and so for your leisure, I show you the logo design of the famous brands that would become after going through a financial crisis.

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